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  • Howdy!

    At the bottom of each post that is in the category ‘painting’ I want to show ‘Page X of Y’.
    Currently I have 2 posts in this category, so the first post would show Page 1 of 2.
    Showing Y is easy, but I’m not sure how to show X.


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  • you need to edit your theme files for this

    I know that the theme files will need to be edited, I want to find out what code is necessary for what I want 🙂



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    Is this on a category template?

    Showing Y is easy …

    How do you show Y?

    Esmi – the page that I’m trying to do this on is as you can see my current attempt shows ‘Page 4 of 2’ – the first number includes all the published posts which I don’t want.

    keesiemeijer – I have shown Y with the following:

    	$postsInCat = get_term_by('name','painting','category');
    	$postsInCat = $postsInCat->count;
    	echo $postsInCat;
Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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