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  • If I leave the page title off of a page, it will not show up on the navigation bar and will not display on the page. This is what I want. However, there are several pages I want to do that to, but with no page title on the page listing in the dashboard, they will get hard to tell apart. Is there any easy way to “hide” a page title in the dashboard, or to have some sort of description in the dashboard, without activating a page title on the page or navigation? I am using twentyten, with a whole lot of customization.

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    Don’t edit the Twenty Ten theme. First create a child theme for your changes.

    Then use the child theme’s CSS to hide the page titles on the front end – leaving the titles visible for you to use in the back end.

    I am a newbie and pretty much totally lost… I started using WordPress and took an online tutorial on developing a custom (or customized) theme and it led me through making changes to twentyten. Most changes made sense and some did not. I have very limited CSS and PHP experience. I used this newly created (adapted) theme to create a new website. I am concerned because I started reading posts and realized that if the twentyten theme ever got updated in a WordPress update (since it is a default theme), that it might change what I have done. Your suggestion about Child themes intrigued me and I went through the posts and understood some, but not all. Rather than use a Child theme, what I think I want to do is use what I have adapted and make a new theme, using all of the original and adapted files, without running the risk of future updates changing what I have done. Is this possible?

    I have gone in and researched info on child themes and have created one successfully and made changes using the style.css in the child theme. The creation procedure had me create a new style.css and I have been pulling bits and pieces of the code from the parent theme, as I need to make changes. Why would I not just copy the entire style.css from the Twenty Ten theme into the child theme folder and make changes in my child theme, instead of dragging the pieces of code in one by one from the original theme style.css to the child theme style.css?

    I have deleted the ‘<h2><?php the_title() ?></h2>’ line from the page.php file.
    This removed the page title from 2 of the pages, but not the other three. Any idees?

    I’m using ThemeZee.

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