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  • HI,

    Im using CAMP theme with wooCommerce plugin.

    At my frontpage ive pasted this copy:
    [product_categories number=”12″ parent=”0″]

    but still, my homepage is showing all of my other categories including suc cats etc.

    What should I do so that my homepage only list me MAIN/TOP categories?
    (excluding other/specific category)


    MAin cat: “Horses” – “Rider” – “Accessories” etc.
    SUB cat: “food” – “clothes” – “helmet”
    Product “foodproduct1” – “jacket” “etc”

    Thanks in advance

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  • Change these settings in woocommerce settings also in the catalog tab

    Show subcategories

    Show subcategories on category pages
    Show subcategories on the shop page
    When showing subcategories, hide products

    These should be the correct way that you want them..

    i have all these ticked. and mine show main cat -> subcat -> product πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I did that already, but with no luck…

    Ive also ticked all but still, my frontpage is showing all main and sub cats even products…

    where in woocommerce settingsdo i also need to setup before showing only main category?

    Do you have a link to your developement? is the homepage set as the shop? or is your homepage set as something different?

    ill try setup my homepage as “shop”… hoping thatwill do the trick

    that didnt help πŸ™

    hmm, i see that. let me take a look at the shortcode one moment..

    try changing the parent to “”and not “0”, create a guest account with admin and i can take a look at the issue and try and rectify.

    my categories looks like this:

    (main/top cat)Rytter
    (sub) -sikkerhed
    (sub) -etc.

    (main/top) Hest
    – Fodder
    – Sikkerhed

    And then i want to add products to the sub categories…

    Is this theright way to setup categories and products?

    whats ur email? so i can forward the password…


    my email is

    I have my products setup like that but i am not using the shortcode to output on the homepage as i have my shop page setup differently,

    My products output like this

    (main/top) Alternators
    (product) M3 Alternator
    (product) etc.
    (sub) -etc.

    (main/top) Starter Motors
    (sub) BMW
    (sub) Mercedes
    (product) C Class AMG Starter
    (product) etc.

    That is how i have mine setup, and only the top level displays, then the sub category etc etc.

    But i only access mine through the shop page.

    ok so you dont have any products/category on your homepage? could i see your site?

    ive just forwarded login detail for you…

    hoping you are my savior πŸ™‚


    i have not received your email, once i have i will email you back with details of my site.


    oh, got it, in my spam folder πŸ™‚

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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