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  • Supposedly there used to be a way for an author that was one of many (one author in a multi-author blog) to see only his or her drafts. I don’t see that method anymore, whether I’m starting from the Dashboard (I can see a few of my drafts, but not all of them) or the Posts page (I can see all my posts or all drafts, but not all MY drafts).

    Do I need a plugin or something to accomplish this, or is there a method I’m not seeing? Because I’m an author and not the blog admin, I don’t know if I have to (or can) change my settings, if necessary, but I’m hoping it’s something simple I’m overlooking.

    I tried searching for this, but the posts about showing only a single author’s drafts were either for far-outdated version of WordPress, or had instructions I couldn’t replicate/understand. Any help would be much appreciated!

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