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    I used to have a plugin that gave me more markup options in post (like <!–more–>). In specific it had something like <!–preview_only–>, which you could put content (like a avatar image) that would only show on the main page, but after you click “Read More”, dissapears.

    Point is, I use wordpress for cd reviews, and I would like on the frontpage to show all the excerpts (stuff béfore the <!–more–> tag) with a small coverart. When you click “read more”, the small cover in the excerpt dissapears and only the text remains.

    I know this plugin is available (I used it a while ago), but I cant seem to find it anywhere :S

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  • Jeremy Clark



    You could the same thing with custom fields. Although it would take a little coding but not much. Have a read over custom fields.

    I really don’t understand the utility of a plugin to do so…

    In your “write post” section of your adminsitration panel, you have a field “optional excerpt”…

    If you fill this field, this is what will be displayed as “the excerpt”

    1- So, in this field, put only the cd cover image… And anything else you want there…

    2- In “the content”, write the text you want to show when visitors click the read more to read the entire post.

    3- On your front page, or in the category page, use <?php the_excerpt(''); ?> in the loop to display only the optional excerpt (i.e. your cd cover image)

    4- On your single post, use <?php the_content(''); ?> to display only the text you wrote in the content.


    Jeremy Clark



    The only problem with that is if the OP has the feed to only show the excerpt then only the image will be shown. But by using a custom field the image can be shown on the front page and the feed can still use the excerpt that’s automatically generated.

    Totally Right jeremyclark…

    So, an alternative easy solution I would use :

    The post-image plugin from Kaf :

    This plugin give you the possibility to use the tag <?php post_image(); ?> to display the first image relative to a post…


    1- You can install this plugin

    2- In your home page loop and category loop, use only the tag <?php post_image(); ?> to display only the cd cover, and do not show <?php the_content(''); ?>

    3- In your single post loop, do not use the tag <?php post_image(); ?> and display only <?php the_content(''); ?>

    Short and sweet…



    Jeremy Clark



    Very good solution Simon.

    Thanks Simon, that plugin solves allot and even more! 😀

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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