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  • Hello, this plugin looks like a good plugin, just i cannot set it up.

    I created and tweak a bit in the settings, just im confused about this:

    Create a blank page named Contact (slug = contact):

    Create a blank page named Index (slug = index):

    I created with notepad two blank pages as UTF8 and give them these names, upload them with FTP to (M) folder on my root, but nothing happend. Subdomain is still empty page. Should these files be .php or html? how i create them?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Create a blank page in wordpress, nothing de files or ftp

    Hi Fabrix, thanks for replay. Well, i did create pages named contact and index, maybe sound dumb but i don’t know how i place them in the (m) folder in public_html. I created them with WordPress, add new page, slug contact & index and they are now in my main wordpress installation. How i add them to the subdomain (M) folder??? Subdomain is still blank page.

    ps: I simply created subdomain named “m” with my cPanel, didn’t add nothing in it! Should i add something there? How?

    Thanks for help

    Hello Fabrix,

    Please whatever he has complained, i have the same problem and i observed this is not solved yet. I installed your plugin and name it and i could not access the site. the only way was to leave it at which changed my desktop fully to mobile. TO SOME VIEWERS.

    Please give a direction on what to do. I have done all others except this part that seems to drive me crazy. I was told today that the site shows in mobile version by a friend on laptop. That i know because i used direct link and not

    Please suggest why whenever you use, the site does not allow or load.


    Plugin Author Fdoromo



    You need to create a CName, and unfortunately the way you do this differs from one host to another, with some it’s a drop down box and it takes two seconds to do, with others the process will be a little bit more complicated.

    If you use an external host somewhere there will be a section where you can edit your DNS details – if your service doesn’t allow it then it’s probably time to move to another host.

    When you create a subdomain, you will need two things, the domain the subdomain is for and the location from which the new subdomain will load it’s content.

    Type your subdomain (m), that will be your mobile subdomain, then point for your website root. (don’t create a extra folder) this plugin will not work if you point it to be different from the directory you installed WordPress.

    To confirm that the preocesso was performed correctly visit your full site in (before enable the plugin)

    Hi Fabrix,

    i use your mobile plugin. Seems to be pretty nice, but, few questions remain.

    .) Logo is 170x30px, but please take a look: It appears far too small. (
    .) Can you tell me how to hide pages “contact” and “index” on mobile version? I m searching for hours now but can not find file where page_items are.
    .) where can i change language from versao mobile into -> english: mobile version?

    I m thankful about any hints and ideas!


    Hi i cant able to set the plugin as per the description i have created a sub domain and u told to create a cname so can u give me a example like what cname i have to create and where to point because already a cname record is there in my host for sub domain but i cant able to open msite it shows blank page both the screenshots are shared below

    koolfunny: If you are using cPanel, just create a subdomain. CNAME will be created automatically.

    Tharbad : Ihave did samething but i m getting blank page as u can see in the above post

    This plugin someone is working on a subdomain???

    People, this thread is months old – please start your own if you need help.

    The problem is the same. Why the same topic to create?

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    So you’re using WordPress v.3.5.1?

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