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    Am I missing something?

    Is there an ability to only display the notification on a specific custom post type? For instance, only on my recipe pages?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    So far we have the following targetting –

    1. Front Page
    2. Blog Page
    3. All Posts, Pages & Custom Post Type
    4. All Posts
    5. All Pages
    6. All Attachments
    7. Search Pages
    8. 404 Error Pages
    9. All Archives
    10. All Category Archives
    11. All Tag Archives
    12. Custom Post or Page IDs

    You could see the docs here. Being able to show only on recipe page could be interesting idea, I will add that to our future update.

    Awesome! Yes! It would be super useful in our case! We only want to show it on a specific post type.

    Thanks for your consideration! For now can you suggest a workaround?

    I was thinking of trying the “shortcode only method”, but this doesn’t seem to execute the notification on that specific page. Instead, it loads the notification inline.

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    We will try if we could push an update very soon, possibly within 24-48Hrs, but can’t guarantee. For now, maybe avoid just the home page, and show everywhere else. We have seen if you have notificationx on blog or docs, that actually helps.

    Hey Asif,

    That would be awesome! I will wait for the update!

    It’s okay if it takes a little while longer!

    Thanks so much! =D

    Hey @asif2bd,

    It’s been about a month now. I was just wondering if this has been integrated as of yet?

    Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    @qeyduey its been added on Pro V 1.4.10 on May 4th, check in the changelog.

    Sorry, I should have notified you here.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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