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  • Hi there

    Apologies for what may appear a stupid question.

    I would like a peice of code to be inserted into my post and page template so that all my pages and posts show the total number of hits since it was created by the author. I would ideally like to use the WordPress Site Stats as the basis for the figures. Is there a simple one line piece of code for this?

    I’ve used other plugins for this but it always seems to start from 0(zero) – i.e. from when the plugin was installed. All of my posts have hundreds of hits each – thus I would like to show this off!

    Many thanks in advance and best wishes for the New Year to each of you.

    Kind regards

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  • It will be nice if the author can help with this.

    There is no template tag available for this, nor any plans for it. View counts are not commonly shown to visitors. I think it looks amateurish.

    However, we do make the data available. It’s possible to write a plugin to get the data from the API at and display it any way you like.

    Thanks for the reply, Andy. However, in some sites like (it’s in Indonesian), view counts are used to show-off some popular articles, most commented, and most scored. By doing so, the writers can review whether he is on the right track in attracting reader’s attention. FYI, this website has highly increasing popularity in Indonesia.

    Well, I am satisfied your lovely work so far. I just wonder what it could do more. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards.

    I would like to know how to do it too.

    Big websites such as use it as an indication of tutorial popularity so it does have it’s uses.


    Actually what you want is very easy… and no way it is or looks amateurish.

    I know a lot of big sites that have this feature on their posts. I have it on all my sites too.

    So this is what you do.

    1. install this plugin : Most Read in XX Days
    2. put this code in <?php ST4_single_hits(); ?>

    Put it in php pages like single.php

    DONE !

    Good Luck !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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