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  1. Suzan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello guys good night! I'm having a lot of problems with displaying categories in the post loop. I tried to search the solution in the several sites on google but I dont found nothing. Well, basically What I want is:

    When someone click in the "Blogs" category, display in the post loop just the picture, name and description of the categries "Dr. Pet" and "Tech World" ONLY! The problem I'm having is, that post loop is doubling the categries "Dr. Pet" and "Tech World" each time when I make post in both categories besides showing the child categories of the parent categories Dr. Pet" and "Tech World". If you can help me please reply.

    I want to make the same thing in that site : http://rd1.ig.com.br/blogueiros/ display images for specific categories

    OBS: If you need to see my codes, just say me and I'll will pastebin it.

    Blogs ( Blogs is parent of all )

    - Dr. Pet

    -- Interesting pets
    -- Pet TV
    -- Hints
    -- Health

    - Tech world

    -- Smartphones
    -- Computer
    -- Tech news

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