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  • Matt


    How to show more than 15 posts in admin’s Manage -> Posts?

    I’d like 50, 100 or even all.

    Hardcoding in the code is ok for me.

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  • That is a great idea, I would this functionality.

    I was just searching for this function myself – can anyone help with where to tweak this ?

    In wp-admin/includes/post.php

    Line 517


    Change posts_per_page=15 to posts_per_page=25

    Or whatever is desired. I actually have mine quite high.

    Thanks for the answer ZeRohiLL

    In 2.7 it’s on line 807 in the same file as above.

    man I’m glad I found this. I’m writing a wxr export script for a backwater blogging system, and there’s a lot of deleting involved.

    Is it just me, or should this be an option in the “screen options” drop-down? I can think of lots of cases where one would want to change the number from the (really unnecessarily low) fifteen. That feels like a number an engineer pulled out of the air while working and now it’s become the standard. Crazy how often that happens. [resists urge to tell stories]

    I have wrote a follow up to this topic:

    Display More Posts In WordPress Post Manager

    I have found if it is set too high, you may potentially receive errors.

    I agree this should be an option, like how you are able to change the amount of lines when your write a post (wp-admin > settings > writing). Another number I’ve set much higher than the default ten (10). Makes HTML work much easier.

    Maybe a plugin is in order.

    Thank you ZeRohiLL! You just made my morning go a LOT faster.

    Seems WP has solved this issue in 2.8 with the option to show more posts on the post administration page.

    • Add per page option to Screen Options for comments, posts, pages, media, categories, and tags.
    • Allow a plugin to control how many posts are displayed on edit pages.

    WordPress 2.8
    line 823:

    $posts_per_page = 15;

    I will refrain from editing core wordpress files.
    Instead you can code this in your template using query_posts
    From this article in the codex:

    // Get the last 10 posts in the special_cat category.
    <?php query_posts('category_name=special_cat&showposts=10'); ?>
    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    <!-- Do special_cat stuff... -->
    <?php endwhile;?>

    Or using WP_query:



    anyone know what to change in WPMU?



    Xamataca, what “template” can we edit for the admin screens? I think you mistook the question to be for one’s WP website. Actually the question was about the WP *admin* page in the backend.

    ZeRohiLL, yes, 2.8 allows for these things. But how? Where’s the option to make the number of Posts higher than the 15 by default?


    To Change the amount of posts that can be edited at a time in WordPress 2.8.x

      Click on SCREEN OPTIONS
      Change Options Posts per page from 1 to 999.


    Thanks for posting your answer. This is one of the features I hadn’t needed until now, and it’s been a real time saver!

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