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    I have a question on this plugin, i have made a test with the plugin and create a community badge which is deblocked when commenting 1 post.

    So i have created a post comment to see what’s append.

    I expected to have a message somewhere that tells me that the badge is unlocked, but nothing… Is it normal or have forgotten something in the configuration ???

    When i list all the badges, i see the badge is unlocked.

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  • Yeah, I was looking at the other WP plugin called Achievements which has a great pop-up with social sharing options – pity it had far less triggers.

    That said, BadgeOS preently has no such instant alert and pizzazz but they’re supposedly thinking about ways.

    I do believe everyone a part of the development is trying to come up with a plan on how to best accomplish a notification system. I don’t disagree that something should be shown. Hopefully soon.

    Hi, i have also take a look at achievements plugins, both are great and i am looking which one are the best to start with for my project.

    Great to hear that you are thinking about notification.

    Other question : is it possible to implement easily a leaderboard of members with badgeOS?

    yvesf3, which criteria were you looking at for your leaderboard? overall points or various achievement types?

    Hello Michael,

    I look for something like that.
    A widget where you can insert, where you want, on a right bar, the top members and they overall points.
    I think it is the best because the overall points are based on what the user has achieved.
    Maybe have also a link on the members to redirect to his member profile to see all the achievements he has earn.

    Well since you’re going based on user points, that’ll make a lot of it easier. I won’t be able to help you with code examples at the moment, but I can with some logic flow.

    There is a user meta field named “_badgeos_points” that should hold each user’s total points at any given time. You can do a query on all of the users and grab that meta key/value and then you’ll need to sort the results in descending order.

    I’d recommend finding a way to store and update a transient to hold the results. Then in a shortcode or so, you can fetch the transient and display however which way you want.

    Plugin Author Brad Williams


    BadgeOS v1.1 includes earned achievement message on an achievement single page. See the changelog here:

    More info and beta download:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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