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  • Hi again!

    I searched the forums the wiki page, but surprisingly, I found nothing about my next problem:
    I want a “Links” page that shows the list of links, seperated by category. So, is there something like the wp_list_cats() for links. I would like to access the single values (link text, url, description) separatly to layout them.
    To make me clear, I want the link list look like this:

    Category 1
    » Link Link description
    » Link Link description
    » Link Link description
    » Link Link description

    Category 2
    » Link Link description
    » Link Link description
    » Link Link description
    » Link Link description

    I hope you got me and know a solution!
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi!
    it works fine for me


    I doubt that this is what i am looking for – i want something to manage and to style my “Links” and not my “Posts”, “Pages” and “Archives”. Thanks anyway

    I’m looking for the same thing. b2evolution has this, and it really cleans up the links and makes them easier to find.

    I’m looking for this link list, too. Is the still no solution for this?

    Just create a Page Template file and call it links.php.
    In the content you can use any of the links template tags, e.g.
    <?php get_links_list('id'); ?>

    and create a new Page by using this template. You are done.
    Of course, you can use more or different parameters in the tag. Useful readings:
    Pages >> see the Page Templates section.


    as you can see in neoflox first post we want to have this list *with* the link description.
    I have tried the get_links_list() template tag before. You get a list of all links grouped by category but *without* the description.
    The parameters of get_links_list() are not suffient to include the description as in other template tags for links (e.g. get_links() with show_describtion=TRUE).

    This was not a RTFM issue 😉

    This was not a RTFM issue 😉

    I agree. It’s a “Learn Your […] Tool” issue.
    Go admin > Links > Link Categories > pick for edit any category > check the “Show Description” box.


    your the best!!! Thank you!!!


    RTFM –> O.K.
    LYFT –> O.K.

    but what is LMAO?

    UPDATED: O.K., I understand 😉 😛

    sorry – i just had to add one when i saw the ones you guys were using! that made me giggle…

    It is not a “rule” but I’d discourage the frequent use of acronyms – think about the non-native English speakers who might not be familiar with all this ‘chat talk’ and might get confused by posts with “LOL” and similar words…

    This looks nice, but is there also a way to use links.php and only show links of certain id’s (categories)?

    Cause I have some hidden pages I link to on the sidebar, but would love to have the seperate linkspage as suggested above, but then without the links that are already on the sidebar.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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