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  • Probably the simplest question ever posted here, but I’ve set my wordpress to show the static about page as the home page. How do I include link(s) to the latest posts made on this page.

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  • You mean, something like this? This code would go into your sidebar.php file..

    Or, do you mean another method?


    Hi Spencerp

    I’m trying the idea out on this site:

    I have added the date and also the excerpt but as you can see it is not quite working. It is loading the content from a the same post everytime.

    Any ideas please?



    I’m looking for the same solution, I’d like to use a page as my front page, but have a link that says, “go to blog” that takes them to what would normally be the front page, the latest posts.

    Hi! I’d like to do the same as in Spencerp’s txt file, but with pages, not with the posts!
    I’d like a simple list with the latest 10 page.

    Hi Tammyhart

    How does your theme work please? Is the front page a list of pages and one link which will take you to your blog? You could do this via your theme and a template page. I’ll try to have a go tomorrow and post something to show you it at work. I need to go to bed now!

    Hi thingfro

    How many pages are you using? Are you sure you should be using pages in this way? It sounds like your pages should be posts. Why? Pages tend to be permenant whilst posts tend to be dated and therefore archived. It doesn’t mean pages don’t get updated and content changed but effectively an about, home or contact page stay those for the duration of the site.

    Have you a site we can look at please?



    here’s my skin i’m devloping, going to start playing with the actual setup tomorrow on her server:

    cregy, sorry I didn’t make here sooner. I noticed you posted on my forums a good many hours ago. I’ve just been busy. Like I told TammyHart on Google Talk just a few minutes ago.

    That Latest 10 Post code isn’t even my doing. I copied/pasted that into a text file and uploaded it for folks to use, as a quick way for doing it.

    And since you’ve modified it from the original code, I don’t even know what to look at, and for. I’m not even a real PHP coder. One of the better PHP coders for this, is “Kaf“.

    I’m not sure if he’s been around lately even, if he has been, I haven’t seen him sigh. Or, maybe someone else can stop in here and help you better? Again, I’m not a PHP coder, nor is that my code to begin with LoL!

    @thingfromanotherworld, doesn’t your theme have a code in it for showing the pages themselves? Usually by default, in the themes there is a code for showing them all. If you want to tweak that line of code, to exclude some, then let “us” know okay? 🙂

    /WOW! Just checked his profile, he hasn’t posted here for 2 months at least! Geesh!

    Cregy, go here and paste in your sidebar.php file code: Choose for Content Type: PHP

    Then post your pasted code link back here fer “us”. Thanks. 🙂

    Hi Spencerp

    Thanks for coming back. The link is:
    Sidebar Code.


    Okay, i used the guidinle from the link i posted above. Then i used the exclude function in my page listing to exclude the welcome and blog page. Perfecto!

    For all that are also searching for a solution: I have written a plugin to do this with easy to user and configurable placeholders: 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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