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    I’m trying to find a way to show the image caption or title on the large image in product galleries (without going into the lightbox view).

    Is there a way to do this?

    Example product where we want this:

    Basically, we want to be able to show the name of each colour as they click on them. Currently, the only way for them to know the different names is to choose the corresponding variation. It’s an even bigger problem for products where we don’t have pictures for all variations, so it might not be clear to the customer what the colour looks like.

    Is there a plugin I can use for this or a code snippet?

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    Hi @emilygonsalves,

    Looking at what you are trying to achieve you maybe better using a plugin that can add image swatches to a variable product like this one below.

    You could then create a product variation for each color and display and image and color swatch with name.

    I hope this helps

    That’s not what I’m trying to achieve. I just want the name or caption to show in the page next to the gallery images on super-imposed on top. I don’t need the customer to select the variation by clicking on a thumbnail.

    The concern is that people might not use the lightbox so they may not know the name of the colour (some of them are unusual).

    Plugin Support Stuart Duff


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    Hey @emilygonsalves,

    From what you describe I think you may possibly need to hire a developer who could create such a solution for your specific project as I’m not aware of nor could I locate any plugins which would seem to add this particular type of functionality to product gallery images regrettably.



    Have you considered captioning it in Photoshop? Like this:

    I’ve just ran across this same problem and am thinking of doing mine this way. I create my graphics in PS anyway so it would not take much more time to add the caption to it. It won’t help me with SEO, but then again that was not the reason for my wanting the captions. I also don’t need captions for every photo; just some of them here and there.

    Hope this helps.



    I want the captions for accessibility, so putting the names in the images wouldn’t help with that. I’m probably going to have to put the information elsewhere on the product page in a tab, although that seems redundant.

    @emilygonsalves & @kellyscurtis – If you’re still looking for a solution I just made a tiny plugin that does it. There’s no additional styling, but it works all right in the theme I’m using.

    If there’s a Title set on the image it shows the title, and if there’s a caption it shows the caption, (and if there’s both, it shows both).

    The plugin’s not in the directory, (yet?), but it’s here:

    Let me know if it works for you, and if you need any changes. If it solves problems for a few people I’ll try to get it into the Plugin Directory.

    @johnyb I will try it out, thanks!

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