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  • Hello,

    I am developing complex theme and need some you expert people help.

    I am creating now option panel which has lots of nested option, I want to visible some meta-box as per main option selection into theme option page.

    I have 5 different column options for home page. So there are five radio buttons and I want to make meta-boxes visible only for appropriate to selected radio button. So user cant get frustrate by seeing unnecessary meta boxes.

    Here is my array for theme option page.

    array( "name" => "HomePage Layout",
    	"desc" => "Select layout for home page.",
    	"id" => $shortname."_layout",
    	"type" => "radio",
    	"options" => array("1col" => "1 column", "2_3col" => "2X3 columns", "3_3col" => "3X3 columns", "3col_links" => "3 columns links", "custom_links" => "Custom links"),
    	"std" => "1col",),

    So here I want to show only selected option’s meta boxes like if user select 3×3 columns then only 3×3 meta boxes would be visible.
    I would appreciate your help.

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  • Its really strange to wait too long for any answer posted here. Really sad to see that WordPress own forums never too supportive than where to go?

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