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    Hey guys,

    Forgive me. I tried looking all over on google and here in the forums… no answers (yet!). Maybe my wording/terms are wrong.

    Anyways.. I’m trying to get my website pages to show their true URL addresses in the browser address bar. I have WP installed on a server/host.

    Right now for all my pages/sections it shows

    I want it to be able to show the whole path

    The reason for this is because I want to use ShareThis/AddThis social sharing tools on my WP and if it just grabs the static url ( that is no use to me!

    Is this a WP setting or does it have to deal with my server/host?


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  • Hi,

    You need to set the desired permalinks for your blog from wordpress admin area. FOr further details refer this article:


    Shane G.

    Thanks Shane for your reply but I don’t think that solves my problem. Even if I change the permalink structure… the address bar will still show Like it is somehow a fixed URL or something.

    I can navigate the site no problem and each page loads up correctly but the URL in the address bar still shows It sticks to that for all pages. If I’m on a particular section of the website and I decide to reload… it will reload because thats what it shows in the address bar constantly.

    I need to know if this is a WP problem or a server/hosting issue. I have several WP blogs and I do not have this problem… the address bar changes according to each page URL ( etc etc.).

    The reason I need for the address bar to function properly is because I’m planning on using a sharing plugin for posts and pictures… and without the URL changing to address the content shown… all the sharing plugin returns is the fixed URL ( which is no use to my visitors.

    I hope that made sense. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance!!!

    You can always use the ‘/?p=<digit>` syntax. ‘Digit’ is the post ID, which is easy enough to get, and that structure works no matter your permalink structure is.

    But I’m not sure that addresses your problem. You’re saying that all of your pages have ‘/main’ as the URL? Is that true when you switch to another theme? If not, then something in your theme is rewriting that address bar.

    Ah… thanks apljdi! Other themes had no problems.

    It turns out it was my music player that was giving me the “fixed” url issue.

    Thanks again! 😀

    Hi I am having the same problem. I do not have this music player that @phantomsd has.

    The problem happens on every theme, including the default one.

    If the addition of the ‘/?p=<digit>syntax is the solution, Where do I put that '/?p=<digit> syntax?

    Here is my permalink structure right now:

    What gets displayed on every page is this: OR (whatever gets typed in the address bar)

    Any ideas on how I can fix this?



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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