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    I want to know if it is possible to display data only for a certain user. I mean that a user can see in table format the forms that he has sent, only his.

    I have seen that the filters only allow to select dates, but not fields.

    Please, can you tell me if this is possible?


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    Hi freelancejose,

    Than you for your interest in wpDataTables integration.

    By default you are able to filter table with options on Forminator settings tab in table settings:

    1) Filter by entry ID range – Two input fields (“From” and “To”) are shown in this section. If you define some values in these number input fields, wpDataTable rows will be updated according to the selected range.

    2) Filter by date range – If you select this option, two input fields (“From” and “To”) will be displayed right to the Filter by date select box. By defining some date values in these datetimepicker input fields, wpDataTable rows will be narrowed down according to the provided date range.

    3) Filter by last X time period – When this option is selected, the Filter by date select box will display two input fields. In the first one, you can define a number (e.g., 30), and in the second one, you can choose between (Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), and Year(s)). By selecting, e.g., “30 Day(s)” you will filter and display in the wpDataTable only the entries added in the last 30 days in the Forminator Form used as a data source for this wpDataTable.

    To filter data by logged in user, yes you are able to make it, but with any Forminator version (PRO or FREE) and only wpDataTables Premium version not Lite(that does not contain filters and placeholders)

    Instructions how to do that.

    First you will create form that contain hidden field and for Default Value you will choose one of the options ( User ID, User Email or User Login)

    Then when user fill the data those hidden filed will be filled with their user data (please note that if this form will be available for public use, those fields will be empty)

    Then when you have data from your users then you are able to create table from that form and to setup dynamic Predefined values for filters for that hidden column.

    You will open column settings for that hidden filed and then on Filters tab you will find Predefined value input where you will insert one of the dynamic placeholders depends what you choose as Default Value in form settings.
    If you set User id then you will insert placeholder %CURRENT_USER_ID%, if you choose User Email then you will use placeholder %CURRENT_USER_EMAIL% or if you choose User Login then you will use placeholder %CURRENT_USER_LOGIN%
    Please note that Filter type need to be set on Text to be able to use Placeholders.
    Checkout example for %CURRENT_USER_ID%

    Then you can remove this column from front-end by turning off option Visible on front-end on Display tab in column settings. Check example

    Like this User id column will not be visible on front-end and data will be dynamically filter with id of currently logged in user.

    If this page is accessible for non logged users, table will be empty.

    Sorry for being so detail, but we just want to make this easier to setup if you decide to use it.

    Best regards.

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    It is an excellent detailed explanation, exactly what I needed.

    Sincerely, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

    Best regards.

    Plugin Author wpDataTables


    Hi freelancejose,

    You are welcome.

    We are glad that our suggestion will help you out.

    Best regards.

    This is indeed a great explanation. I am looking to do just this, with the additional ability to allow users to edit their previous submissions through wpDataTables (premium).
    For this, I need to be able to insert row ids into the data table. Is there a way to create an id column with the Forminator form so that each entry will have a unique, numeric ID?

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