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  • Hi,
    Here’s my page (using Dusk to Dawn theme):

    As you can see, one of my pages is dedicated to “leave a review”
    when people click on that page, instead of seeing a form to fill out to leave the review, they see the button “click here to submit review.” To me, this looks confusing–it looks like something is not working and that they already left a review and have to click the button to submit it. I would like to get rid of this button and just have the form show up all the time when you click on that page. And then, I assume that the reviews will populate down the page below the form once they start.

    Is there any way to do this?
    Thank you,

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  • Did you find a solution, How did you get the check box to work on safari and google chrome? For some reason on my page its not showing up.

    No, I never found how to do what I want, but the work-around is that I went to the settings for this plug-in and changed the text to read: “Click here to fill out a review form.” I hope that makes it more clear to the user what the button is for.

    The check box just showed up for me- not sure what to do if it doesn’t show…

    if it helps, I’m using Version: 2.4.8

    Open the wp-customer-reviews.css file and remove the display:none; from #wpcr_respond_2

    Thanks Shansta,

    That sound promising- where do I find the .css file?


    You can go to Plugins/Editor, select customer reviews then look for the .css file (first one). Look for the line

    #wpcr_respond_2 { display:none; background-color:inherit; }

    and remove the “display:none;”

    so that line will now look like

    #wpcr_respond_2 { background-color:inherit; }

    Click update. Refresh your website page and the form should be open.

    Neat! I didn’t even know Plug-in Editor existed. 🙂

    I went through all the text, and while I see those 2 phrases, I don’t see them together. Would you be able to point out the correct place for me? (I’m thinking maybe it’s a bit different on mine.) Here is he code I am looking at:

    [Excessive code removed]



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    Please see the forum guidelines about posting code –

    and post that to a pastebin – that’s really too much to post here and it was mangled by the forums parser.



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    BTW, if you modify plugin files, you’ll lose those changes when the plugin is updated. Better to use a custom CSS plugin if you are making CSS changes.

    Yeh that might be easier. You could use something like

    and just add the this line

    #wpcr_respond_2 { display:block !important; }

    woops! Seems I’m still learning how things work here. Let me try again and just paste what I believe may be relative lines. I bolded anywhere it says disply:none:

    if ($this->options['hreview_type'] == 'product') {
                        $reviews_content .= '
                            <div class="hreview" id="hreview-' . $review->id . '">
                                <' . $title_tag . ' class="summary ' . $hidesummary . '">' . $review->review_title . '</' . $title_tag . '>
                                <span class="item" id="hreview-wpcr-hproduct-for-' . $review->id . '" style="<strong>display:none</strong>;">
                                    <span class="fn">' . $meta_product_name . '</span>
                                <div class="wpcr_fl wpcr_sc">
                                    <abbr class="rating" title="' . $review->review_rating . '"></abbr>
                                    <div class="wpcr_rating">
                                        ' . $this->output_rating($review->review_rating, false) . '
                                ' . $name_block . '
                                <div class="wpcr_clear wpcr_spacing1"></div>
                                <blockquote class="description"><p>' . $review->review_text . '</p></blockquote>
                                ' . $review_response . '
                                <span style="<strong>display:none</strong>;" class="type">product</span>
                                <span style=<strong>"display:none</strong>;" class="version">0.3</span>
    <span class="item vcard" id="hreview-wpcr-hcard-for-' . $review->id . '" style="<strong>display:none</strong>;">
                                    <a class="url fn org" href="' . $this->options['business_url'] . '">' . $this->options['business_name'] . '</a>
    <blockquote class="description"><p>' . $review->review_text . '</p></blockquote>
                                ' . $review_response . '
                                <span style="<strong>display:none</strong>;" class="type">business</span>
                                <span style="<strong>display:none</strong>;" class="version">0.3</span>
                           <hr />';
              if ($this->options['hreview_type'] == 'product') {
                    $reviews_content .= '
                        <span class="hreview-aggregate haggregatereview" id="hreview-wpcr-aggregate">
                           <span style="<strong>display:none</strong>;">
                               <span class="rating">
      } else if ($this->options['hreview_type'] == 'business') {
                    $reviews_content .= '
                        <span class="hreview-aggregate" id="hreview-wpcr-aggregate">
                           <span style="<strong>display:non</strong>e;">
                                <span class="item vcard" id="hreview-wpcr-vcard">

    I guess bolding doesn’t work on code…

    Here is the coding around “wpcr_respond2” There’s only one instance of this, but the display:none does not show up here:

    /* different output variables make it easier to debug this section */
            $out .= '<div id="wpcr_respond_2">' . $req_js . '
                        <form class="wpcrcform" id="wpcr_commentform" method="post" action="javascript:void(0);">
                            <div id="wpcr_div_2">
                                <input type="hidden" id="frating" name="frating" />
                                <table id="wpcr_table_2">
                                        <tr><td colspan="2"><div id="wpcr_postcomment">' . $this->options["leave_text"] . '</div></td></tr>
                                        ' . $fields;

    So… I downloaded and activated the Simple Custom CSS plug-in and pasted the line (#wpcr_respond_2 { display:block !important; }) in the blank editor section.

    It kind of worked. It does show the form now, which is great, but it also still shows the button to show the form, which makes no sense to a use. Here it is:

    That code you have pasted is the .php file, not the .css file.

    Try adding this #wpcr_button_1 {display:none;} – See if that hides the button

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