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  1. lesley1802
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I am using the featured image on every page / post purely to allow our header to be bigger and have social media icons in the top. Basically its a grey bar that blends in with the menu - go figure but it works :)

    But now I want to have a blog and the featured image (the grey bar) shows on the actual blog page - the one with the list of all the posts.

    I still want to use it on the actual blog page but NOT on the one that lists.

    So NOT on this page: http://www.foxaccountancyservices.co.uk/blog/
    BUT YES on this page: http://www.foxaccountancyservices.co.uk/sample-blog-post-2/

    Is this posisble?

    I am using the Dandelion theme if this helps.



  2. Scott Fennell
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I was having trouble following your description of exactly what you want, but I can tell you the topics you'll need to learn about to get this working.

    Before editing your Dandelion theme, you'll need to establish a child theme.


    At that point, and it's tough to be certain without digging in to your theme files, my suggestion would be to look at what's happening on index.php and just comment out the call for the post thumbnail there. Ultimately, you may just end up making a custom loop file, loop-index.php.

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