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  • append a “home/?orderby=post_end_date” to the end of ur domain name

    example at my website its

    This is a great plug-in and it’s helping me a great deal with what I’m trying to accomplish. However it lacks some basic reporting. Not complaining because it’s free, but I may have overlooked something.

    The “home/?orderby=post_end_date” is nice, but it only shows which post have an expiration on them including ones that aren’t set to expire for another 3 months, so its difficult to know when exactly a post is expiring. I did however add the_end_date() function and it works beautifully showing the expiration date, however I only wanted it to be viewable by me and not the public. The only work around I found was using the static front page plugin using the “home” and “blog” slugs to hide it from the public eye. If anyone wants more info just ask.

    So far so good right? Well I foresaw a problem with the post expire plug-in, is that if a post expires it is completely taken off the site, which is fine, but without any kind of report as to which ones have expired is a big deal, because sifting through to find which post has expired is a large task depending on how many post you have, and will become increasingly more difficult the more posts you have.

    So what I’m asking and I think cd75 is asking, is there a way to list which post have “expired” not the ones that are about to expire. Sorry of the long winded post.

    The posts expire plugin does not work with 2.2
    Does anyone know of a similar plugin that actually works?

    Yes, I have already looked at wp-plugins and could not find anything there.

    I’m also looking for a plugin or some other method to have expiring posts. I’ve searched google thoroughly and haven’t seen anything. Anyone know a way to do it? I need to be able to specify a expiration date for a post and then it disappears after that date. Please help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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