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  1. mfal55
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi all -
    I'm looking for my RSS feed to output both the Excerpt as well as the entire Content from my Post. The RSS is feeding from a specific Custom Post Type. Currently I can only seem to output one or the other. This is the script I am using:

    function myfeed_request($qv) {
    	if (isset($qv['feed']) && !isset($qv['post_type']))
    		$qv['post_type'] = array('post', 'portfolio');
    	return $qv;
    add_filter('request', 'myfeed_request');

    This successfully displays the content from my custom post type, Portfolio. I still need the excerpt the show, but just can't figure out how to call it.

    Would anyone be kind enough to help me? Thanks!

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