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    First off, phenomenal plugin. Thanks.

    Now the problem…

    I am trying to add a WhatsApp button to the footer of the site, but only want it to show between 8 am and 5pm.

    I followed the instructions on https://wordpress.org/support/topic/hide-and-show-element-in-specific-timestring/ and added a timeframe.

    Please see the screenshot: https://paste.pics/A3KNV

    But it’s showing, despite us being way outside of those hours.

    I’ve also edited the time setting under Settings > General, to custom format of g a.

    The timezone for the site is set to Johannesburg, because we’re in South Africa.

    Any idea what I’m missing?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author crazypsycho


    Hello @baymarketingco

    you could enable debug mode, than you will see a debug-box on the page. This could help to see whats going wrong.

    Thread Starter Johannes


    Hi Cray Cray Psycho,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. Really appreciate you having a look.

    I’ve checked the debug log. There are no errors.

    Just to be sure, these are my settings:

    Show/Hide – Hide when condition met (this will change to the other choice if I can get this to work).
    Condition – Between.
    Compare Type – String to time.
    Conditional value – today 8 am
    Conditional value 2 – today 5 pm

    Thread Starter Johannes


    Apologies, there is an error.

    [14-Sep-2020 10:52:25 UTC] PHP Notice ob_end_flush(): failed to send buffer of zlib output compression

    I remember I added a snippet to hide this specific notice.

    Plugin Author crazypsycho


    Hello @baymarketingco

    Debug mode did not mean the WordPress debug log.
    DynamicCondition has its own debug mode. Can be activated using the checkbox at the bottom.

    What did you set as DynamicTag?

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