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  • Resolved Filbert


    Hi All,

    I have used the wp-jquery-lightbox for a while now and like it! However.. in the settings there is an option to “Show download link” which I have set as unchecked. When I view the image on my site through the lightbox, the “Download” is showing.

    Is this broken?

    I would like to continue with the lightbox but need to remove the option to download the image as other artists on my site have requested this.

    Thanks for any reply

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  • Plugin Author ulfben


    I can’t replicate this. Make sure you’ve cleared your cache (if you run a caching plugin) and that you’re running the latest wp-jquery-lightbox.

    If that doesn’t help, gimme a screenshot of your settings and a link to the site.

    (for what it’s worth; the images are always downloadable.)

    Thanks for the reply – I am using the current version 1.3.3 – Page Cache cleared.
    cannot do the screenshot into this forum – so here are the settings…

    Auto-lightbox image links – checked
    Enable lightbox in comments (disables the nofollow attribute!) – checked
    Show download link – not checked
    Target for download link: – _self
    Show image info on top – not checked
    Shrink large images to fit smaller screens – not checked
    Minimum margin to screen edge (default: 0) – 0
    Animation duration (in milliseconds) – 250

    I’ve just noticed ‘show image info on top’ is also unchecked yet shows on top.

    A good page to see this on my website is –

    I am pretty sure this has happened recently. Recently I have added 2 plugins – JS and CSS Script Optimizer and WP… could these be the culprits?

    Thanks for your help

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Recently I have added 2 plugins – JS and CSS Script Optimizer and WP… could these be the culprits?

    Yes. Read the last part here.

    “If you have problems with jQuery Lightbox; first disable all JavaScript-optimizing plugins. (Optimize Scripts, W3 Total Cache, WP Minify etc)”

    And then…? reactivate?

    I’m reading it as you don’t use the above optimzers if you want the lightbox to work, am I correct or missing something?

    At the end of that page there’s a link to a previous forum trail – I’ve been through that and read it all – non the wiser.

    Plugin Author ulfben


    If you need to configure the lightbox you must disable your misbehaving plugins.

    If you need to configure the lightbox you must disable your misbehaving plugins.

    Sometimes I read a sentence and wish the writer had put just one more piece of info : – )

    when I enable my misbehaving plugins after the lightbox is configured, plugins will start to misbehave again surely?

    I would give it a try but there are so many settings within the W3 Total Cache plugin that I would rather not disable it yet

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Yes. Plugins that concatenate JavaScripts will break many plugins because they effectively replaces our script with a modified copy under a new name. Since WordPress only knows our script by its original name, your blog can’t configure the script properly anymore.

    There might be a setting in W3 Total Cache to *not touch* certain scripts. If so, just tell it to leave jquery.lightbox.min.js or wp-jquery-lightbox alone and all will be fine.

    Thanks for the explanation – makes sense. I found that the problem was the JS & CSS Script Optimizer plugin that I had running. I deactivated it and all is fine, Don’t need it anyway as W3 Total Cache does the job.

    Please note that I am not making any bad remarks about the plugin mentioned above, just commenting on the situation in hand.

    Thanks for all your help and I continue to really like the wp-jquery-lightbox plugin!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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