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    I’m working on this WordPress website which uses an image slider from StefanBoonstra. It allows me to embed code in a page or post and works great. I tacked a bit of code onto the header and hey presto! however I have been asked if it is possible to have different sliders on other pages.

    I want to keep the slider in the same position so embedding it in a post isn’t really an option.

    How can I get around this problem ?

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    Sounds like you only have to create additional sliders with different images for each page and go ahead.

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    Thanks for trying to help me out.

    If I add the code to a page for instance or a post it does not appear above all of the content as I would like.

    Here is a page with the slideshow code added to the header and page content.

    Ideally I would like to show different slideshows under the navigation but before the start of pages or posts.

    Is this possible?



    I see. The lack of unique headers on each page is probably my biggest source of frustration with WP. There is a plugin called “Dynamic Headers” that provides this capability for some themes, but could not get it to work. You may have better luck. (I’m allergic to code, so do things different than the code proficient).

    If it were possible for you to use two or more different themes and place unique slide shows in the header of each, you could then use a plugin called Headspace2 to switch themes on a per page basis. HS2 is basically an SEO plugin so I sometimes use it for both purposes.

    Don’t know how much control you have over the header on you theme but if it could be eliminated, (or maybe just minimized to contain the title), there’s a plugin called “Custom Widget Area” which provides a widgetized header area. Then place a text widget (I use Black Studio) into the header area for each slideshow, and use the Display Widgets plugin to tell on what page each will show.

    I couldn’t find a header-less theme, so I use theme generating software for that part. Not sure the moderator would allow me to mention the vendor.

    Hope I didn’t waste your time, but I’ve been in the same position, and it took weeks to figure this out. Good Luck!



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    The lack of unique headers on each page is probably my biggest source of frustration with WP.

    Uh? The Twenty Eleven theme uses the post thumbnail functionality to provide different header images on a per_post and per-page basis as well as a separate random header image option. The body_class() allows you to apply as many page/post CSS headers as you want. You can use conditionals to enqueue as many script based headers/sliders as you need. And finally, there is (to name just one suitable plugin).

    What’s the problem?




    Custom Widget Area sounds promising. Being new to WordPress I have no idea what add-ons exist to make my life easier.


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