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  • johnrhopkins


    I’m building a website that has one section that only certain users should see.
    The goal is to get users to complete a form to “register” and get access to the additional area of the site.
    I know I can use plugins like Page Restrict to allow only logged in users to access certain pages. But I need a slightly different flow.
    Example. Anonymous person visits the site. They will see a sample page that has a sample article and the option to fill out a small form to create an account and access the many other articles (free with registration”. The form is essentially a pre-qualifying form so our sales people can determine whether they’d be a good match for our services. They fill out the form and get emailed their confirmation. An email is also dispatched to the sales staff. The user logs in and can no longer see the sample page, but instead, they see the articles.

    Currently, I’m taking a simpler approach. It used Cforms2 to create the form and grab the important info. When a user fills out the form, they get an email with a password. All the pages that are for registered users are password protected.

    Suggestions on which plug-ins I can use to meet my needs?

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