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  • First up, well done to the programmers here. I’ve only just installed this, but credit where it’s due, it’s a really top-notch plugin!

    I have a quick question about hiding content from different levels. I’ve been going through the various documentation on the main site/blog, and support here, and I’ve worked out how to use shortcodes to hide content from different membership levels (and it works beautifully, by the way!). What it does though is just hide the content completely.

    What I’d like to do is set specific text/content that DOES show if you don’t have the right level. So, it might say, “You need to be a Gold member to view this content” or whatever.

    Does anyone know, is there a shortcode for this?

    And to potentially save similar novice type questions in the future, is there a list of shortcodes anywhere?

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  • So after a bit of playing around, my first thought was using using the [membership level=”-1″] following (or before) the [membership level=”1″] shortcode, with the former having the text that should be displayed if they’re not that member level would work, but that doesn’t. If you’re level 1 and logged in, it displays both level=”1″ and level=”-1″ text.

    However, I did just work out that content in the short codes is exclusive to that level, not that level and every level below it (which was my first assumption).

    So to make it work as described in the first post, it seems you essentially need to build 3 (for me) different pages inside each of the shortcodes.

    If there’s an easier way that anyone knows, please let me know. I think a lot of people would benefit! But in the meantime for other people with the same problem, doing it this way seems to work. 🙂

    Hello @fantombe

    If im understanding you correct you want to SHOW TEXT that says “You need to be a Gold member to view this content”

    If so im not sure if you are aware that when using PMP (paid membership pro) for each PAGE or POST you create there is a check box option on the right side just under CATEGORIES and TAGS its titled ” REQUIRE MEMBERSHIP” if you check those boxes corresponding with who you want to give access to GOLD LEVEL , BRONZE or BOTH LEVELS etc. Then when someone who does not have access to READ THAT PAGE or POST they will see

    This content is for GOLD LEVEL and BRONZE LEVEL members only.

    asking them to either login or register with a link to do so.

    Am I understanding you correct or did I miss something.

    The use of the shortcodes are for flexibility so you can PROTECT content on a word by word (case by case basis)

    Here is the shortcode use info:

    P.S you may have to register a free account see read the details.
    Let me know if this helped

    Im just a user of PMP im not affiliated with Jason company Im just helping out where I can, cause I love the plugin . 🙂

    I wanted to add to what I mentioned above ….
    Here is another good link for controlling access :

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    @fantombe using the negative level number is the way to do this. It seems there is a bug with this though. I will try to fix this and have it available for the next release.

    You might be able to get away with something like:

    [membership level=”0,2,3″]Shows for non-members, level 2 and level 3, but not level 1[/membership]

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