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  • Same problem here, any solution? I was thinking about redirecting to an anchor, but it looks like the navigation is relative (like, 3 days from today).

    Hey Lemonzi…I ended up using Timely’s All-In-One Events Calendar…even the free version is excellent – you can specify dates, include heaps of info and much much more…
    Plugin site:

    Plugin Author Aspire2


    subcutanea / lemonzi – we were actually looking at this as an option. Selecting a particular event to be the default view – I realize subcutanea – you have moved to timely – but I was curious what happens after the event passes – does your client want the calendar to update to the next year?

    We are trying to better understand the end user need and functionality.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Don

    Hey Don…Yes, it’s an annual event that my client runs ( There are definitely lots of good things about your plugin, but unfortunately this time it didn’t work out for me – only because mine was not the application you intended the plugin for…I’d definitely be interested in hearing about updates, improvements and expansion of Calpress and am grateful for all the work you have put in to it so far…
    Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to hearing more about Calpress in the future.

    We are running it once (for now), and I chose CalPress because we have like 7 or 8 simultaneous events and the other plugins I found didn’t handle it well. CalPress was good after some CSS tweaks… But yes, this skip to date feature is a must. I’ll try Timely for now. Thanks a lot!

    Don, I love the way this calendar looks and works out of all the plugins I’ve tried – kudos to you. 🙂

    I too would like a feature to have the calendar automatically open to showing a specific month.

    I plan on using this calendar as part of a private blog where I plan out my novel. Each event will be a specific event in the novel. Since I have to pick a real date to set the event, I would usually start with the current month. However, as I work on the novel, I will obviously move farther and farther away from the dates that I set my events.

    Therefore, it would be a big help if each time I looked at the calendar it always started with the month I chose, instead of having to scroll to the month every time I access the page, or change the view.

    Even though the events are technically “passed” I would still want to view them as “current.”

    I hope that helps with understanding one way this feature could be used.

    Thanks, Cathy

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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