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  • Hi,
    I am looking for a solution to restrict the custom post type views in the admin area.

    I am trying to create a better support ticketing theme in WordPress, I have pages, posts, plus three custom post types.

    pages: are used as page templates to show the different types
    posts: these are used for the latest news page
    knowledgebase: will be two posts the problem and the solution
    user-guide: Manuals, How-to’s and Walkthroughs
    All the above I am fine with 🙂

    tickets: users support tickets
    Now we hit a problem with who see what!
    authors: will be the users that raise a support ticket
    editors: will manage, resolve and reply to the tickets

    In testing the author is able to see all tickets until they create one of thier own, and it is not acceptable that they can read tickets from other users.

    I need to add functions to apply filters if possible,
    First for authors to only show the author thier own tickets, if the author has no tickets then they should not see others tickets.

    Second for editors filter tickets for them based on the tickets department (taxonomies or custom field) so they see only tickest assigned to their department (set on the user profile)

    Hope this makes sense?


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  • Hi,
    I need the same: show cpt only for own users.
    Could you solved it? Some information could be fantastic!

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