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    Hey there,

    i’m not using any plugins or other services, which needs to set any cookies. The only one is the one directly from WordPress. But i want to show the notice and tell the people, that we are only using cookies, which are really required to run the site, and not collecting any userdata. Is there a way to set Complianz up like this? I just want to be safe with the GDPR and Cookies-Laws. One lawyer told me i did not need any notice, another said i should inform the people that there are cookies, but they are required to run the site. So i just want to feel safe and want to enable the notice, but i can’t find a way to do so.

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  • Plugin Support Aert Hulsebos


    Hi @keitheyeball,

    Let’s start with disabling the Cookie blocker under Complianz > Settings.

    Then go to the wizard; Cookies > Integration > The first question concerning cookies should be ‘Yes’. This should enable the cookie banner.

    Then under Cookie Banner > Edit > You can configure your Cookie banner. You can use custom CSS:

    .cc-dismiss {display:none} to hide the dismiss button if needed. Now you should have an informational cookie banner. Let me know if this works,

    rergards Aert

    Plugin Support Mathieu


    Hi @keitheyeball, Both lawyers you spoke to are actually correct… Just to clarify: Complianz always creates a cookiestatement in which people are informed about all the cookies, including those that are only “functional”. You can assign that cookiestatement to any menu on your website. This is how to “inform” people without showing them a cookiebanner.
    If -like in your case- you only use functional cookies, there is no need to also show a cookiebanner with a hyperlink to your cookiestatement. However, you can use the CSS to enable it anyway.

    Thanks for your fast replies. I tried the method mentioned by Aert, but i still got no banner shown. I cleared my wp-cache, but that also did not help :/

    Regards Keith

    Plugin Author RogierLankhorst


    @keitheyeball just setting “site uses cookies” to true is not enough. The plugin will determine if you need a cookiebanner based on several conditions, one of them is that you use non functional cookies. As you don’t have these, the plugin does not show the banner. Right now it’s not possible to get the banner without stating you use thirdparty cookies.

    As of the next update, you can use a filter ‘cmplz_site_needs_cookiewarning’ to override this function.

            function cmplz_force_banner($needs_banner){
                return true;

    If you can wait until 4.0 you can use this method.

    Oh, okay, thanks. Do you have plans when 4.0 should be ready, or will 4.0 take a while?

    Plugin Author RogierLankhorst


    We intend to release it in two to three weeks. The 4.0 release will also retrieve all cookie descriptions from, which is the main feature of this release.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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