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  • The connected objects only “appear” to be connected to another when the objects are “published” when viewing from the front.

    If post A (published) is connected to post B (pending), you cannot see post B as being connected.

    How can you show the connection while the post is still pending, or a draft as well?

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  • After re-reading that I can see that i stated it incorrectly. Let me try again.

    Post A is Published.

    Post B is Pending.

    In the admin I am editing Post B. I connect Post A, then save Post B as Pending. I view post B in the front end.

    I cannot see the connection to Post A with a short code or the new WP_Query method. The connection must exist in some capacity since it is persistent in the admin, how can I allow a Pending post or draft to display the connected items on the front.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have the same issue. Would be great to have some info !

    Well, after a lot a research, my solution is to set post ‘post_status’ to private, which is handled in P2P WP_Query requests.
    In my case, it doesn’t affect public browsing, so it’s perfect.

    This isn’t a great solution @antoinicolas. It may be a workaround but setting the post to private is not a regular option if you need to schedule a post or have several other plugins connected to publishing.

    Did anyone ever discover a solution to this issue?

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