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  • Hello,
    I am currently using Jigoshop ecommerce plugin and I want to know how to only show certain products on certain pages. For example I have Carhartt (brand) sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale. On the main menu bar I have a Carhartt page with children pages ‘Sweatshirts’ and ‘T-shirts’. The problem is that when I create a new product it goes to the page I assigned as the ‘Catalog Base Page’ which on my site is the Carhartt page (parent page for ‘Sweatshirts ‘ and ‘T-Shirts’). What I want to happen is when I create a product I can assign it to show up on the Carhartt page but also (if it is a sweatshirt) show up on the ‘Sweatshirts’ page.

    Any ideas?

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