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  • Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    It’s not possible by default right now, but is if you use the testimonials_widget_data filter per FAQ 3.

    This feature is already on the TODO list.



    Thanks for the quick response. I can’t figure out how to output the category name (I don’t know PHP too well at all), so I’ll just wait for the feature to become available. Thanks!!

    Sorry, I can’t figure out how to output the category name either.

    A few months ago filtering on tags worked fine.
    (WPML is installed, don’t know if this is of any imprtance for solving this.)
    I had put this shortcode in the NL-page ‘[testimonialswidget_list tags=NL] ‘
    this still works great.
    I had put this shortcode in the DE-page ‘[testimonialswidget_list tags=DE]’ this
    used to work fine but suddenly the DE tagged testimonials are not being found anymore…
    How can I get them back??

    It’s for a client of mine, so I’d really appreciate your answer before the update.
    Here’s the link:
    Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    There’s no TW shortcode on the DE page. I think that’s because there’s TW div wrappers in the body.

    Are you positive you have [testimonialswidget_list tags=DE] code in place?

    Sorrysorrysorry… I was going crazy and I threw it all out.
    Have just put it back for you to see.

    Now it’s showing a translated testimonial, but that is not wat my client wants, she wants only DE testimonials on DE page and NL testimonials on NL page, but no testimonials should be translated, they must all be unique.
    But now I cannot find where to delete the translated testimonial, sorry, I feel lost now… don’t know if I should look at WPML, the theme or your plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    I think you need to look at your WPML setup. TW has the config XML to work with WPML included.

    If you’re still running into trouble, please create an admin account for the support address to look further.

    Thank you for offering to look into it, because ‘TW has the config XML to work with WPML included.’ is beyond my knowledge…
    Do you have an email-address so I can send you an admin username and password?
    It would be great if you’d look into it.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Your tag slug for NL is testimonials_nl, not NL.

    Try the following shortcode instead.

    [testimonialswidget_list tags=testimonials_nl]

    I’ve updated the shortcode used at for you already. Now page,, gives the proper response of “No testimonials found”.

    In looking closer, I notice that you’re mixing tags between posts and testimonials. That’s not supposed to happen. For now, either bulk edit your testimonials to be grouped by tags or categories actually used by testimonials widget. Basically, replace the tag “NL” or “DE” with “Testimonials NL” or “Testimonials DE” and then use the tag slug name per above to create your lists.

    If you look at your categories page,, you’ll notice category name and slug columns. Use the slug name in your shortcode and widget options panel.

    Thank you for looking into it.
    But I’m still confused:
    [testimonialswidget_list tags=nl] works OK (dutch testimonials)
    [testimonialswidget_list tags=testimonials_nl] as you suggest, does not.

    I don’t understand what you mean by

    ‘Now page,, gives the proper response of “No testimonials found”.’

    because I want German testimonials (DE) to show up on this page.
    (NOT translated testimonials, there is one now but I don’t know how or where I made it and how to delete it: “Robert Flierman-duits”.)

    Now I threw out all categories and just used tags.
    I changed tag DE to testimonials_de but when I add this tag to a testimonial, then @nl is being added to the tag?
    But testimonials_de still don’t show up on the page
    Neither do testimonials_de @nl

    I’m going crazy here 🙁

    The theme used by the original webmaser already included testimonials, but he didn’t know how to get the site in two languages, that’s why I added your plugin: in the used theme I don’t know how to add tags to that testimonial-option.

    Hope you can make some sense of it, I just don’t see where I am going wrong.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    In looking again, I found that I missed the all languages drop down. Now I see where the NL tag and my confusion is coming in.

    It seems that you’re putting NL and DE language testimonials into the same language area, NL.

    You should move the DE language testimonials to the DE language.

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