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  • You can choose to show all posts from a category or show all posts except for one category. Title, sort order, and sort fields are all customisable. It creates a $scp_posts global variable that can be used in place of the stock WP $posts variable in the WP loop. Or you can use $scp_posts as the basis of as many WP loops as you need.
    (Having more than one WP is the basis for a mini/multi blog on a site. Each category can become it’s own blog. Look at my projects page for an example in the boxes on the left side.)
    Check the read me for full instructions. You can view the source, or download the .zip file.
    Todo: Make it smart enough to allow multiple categories as a parameter.

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  • This is aashm! Just what I was looking for. Thanks oodlz.

    Leave a comment on my devblog to let me know how you’re using it.

    mine is screwy at the moment.
    I’ve inserted the code and everytime I go into posting to the category,:
    1) it posts to the front page
    2) it moves items from my left col (section: other & meta) INTO my “Quicky Links” box.
    any suggestions?
    Here’s teh exact code out of my index:
    <li id="quicklinks">
    <?php echo show_category_posts('89','','','post_date','6'); ?>

    <?php _e('Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.'); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Kudos to the authors of both WordPress and it’s plugins. It looks like the cleanest blogscript to me. However, i’m having some difficulties getting it just right.
    I’m using the infamous ‘Show Category Posts Plugin/Multi Blog’ plugin to get a sidebar filled with posts from a certain catagory, next to a main catagory containing ‘main’-stories. Besides that i’d like a ‘one-story-per-page’-setup, with links to the next and previous story.
    I’ve got it working. Partly. I got a nice sidecolumn going like i intended. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to get along with the previous_post /next_post tag for the main cat. For some reason it just doesn’t seem to pick up the $p var. If i remove the plugin-related hacks and restore the script to default state, these tags work like a charm.
    Besides all this, do i even need the plugin? Or am i bluntly overlooking a standard feature?
    See the script at a development server (might therefore be a bit slow):
    Many thanks in advance, i’m kind of lost here…

    i am trying to do the same thing, but it sounds like you guys really know what you are talking about, and i am just…well…lost… I am trying to have middle section of my website show whichever category the user is at but then in a side bar i would like 3 seperate categories to show very short posts with a link to previous posts that would end up in the main section. I will have three different users update “their column” on the sidebar. to see what i am talking about the website that i am trying to do this for is
    paultwo at

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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