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  • Plugin Author Rupok


    Hi @blackster000

    Since it’s an editorial calendar and the sole purpose of the calendar is managing your scheduled posts, there’s no use of this on the frontend. If you could share some use cases of the calendar on the front end, we could assess and add to our feature list.


    I manage a magazine where the contributors want to know when their editorial will be published.
    So actually every month I have to do a screenshot of the calendar and publish the image.

    Is there any workaround or php I can insert in the template to let the cal appear?


    Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    This is the exact purpose of why this plugin is created. If they are your author, when they login to the WordPress Dashboard, they could see the dropdown, or dashboard widget, check this guide for clarification –

    NO the authors does not have a WP login and they don’t write the editorials, they just send us the images.

    So the issue here is to show the calendar to not-logged users

    Also because in a single editorials we have 3 to 6 authors and we use a third party platform to connect with them, so giving them an user login is not possible

    Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    Sorry, there is no way to support none WordPress process, or showing without logged in. This is not a use-case possible to support from a WordPress plugin. if they are not WordPress user, WordPress has no way to identify them, if we create a public calendar, that will be open for all, or only to logged in user, not sure what those authors role here or how you expect WordPress to identify them. Here is our roadmap, you could vote any feature you want in future –

    YEs in reality what I need is to show a read-only calendar, without the possibility to edit it from frontend, but I understand is not the scope of your plugin

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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