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  • Plugin Author Tobias Schutter


    You can display WooCommerce Product stock with Admin Columns and sort it!

    Go to Admin Column settings screen:
    1. Turn on “show hidden fields”.
    2. Go to the Edit Columns: Products
    3. Add column and select custom field type.
    4. Select Field “_stock”.
    5. That’s all!

    This will show you the stock and with the add-on you can sort it aswell.

    At this point Admin Columns doesn’t change any data you have stored. You will not be able to change the stock.


    To make it more difficult. I use variations in WooCommerce, so each variation has different stock level. That’s probably why _stock is not showing me anything in the column.

    I would love to have an easier way of managing the stock, now I have to go in each product to change it. However, I think this is outside the scope of your plugin.

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    I want to see the orders in woocommerce in a column “excerpt” using the Codepress Admin Columns plugin. However, they are just showing me “There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.” but I do see everything when I click on the order. My client want to see the orders on one page. We might purchase pro version of this plugin if it is guaranteed that we can see the woocommerce orders.

    If not do you have an idea how I can show it anyway, dont mind getting my hands dirty under the hood of wordpress/woocommerce.


    So based on the variations in WooCommerce – can this plugin allow for a column to show stock levels?

    Plugin Author Jesper van Engelen


    We’re working very hard on fully integrating WooCommerce with Admin Columns by creating an integration add-on for Admin Columns Pro, which will include not only showing, but also editing stock levels and other fields!

    can any onr tell me that how to ask questions on this site ? i’m unable to ask my problems on this site 🙁

    Plugin Author Jesper van Engelen


    Sure! If you have any support requests about Admin Columns, you can ask your question here:


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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