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    Hi there!
    I am new to WordPress and have just installed v2.0 on a local test server.
    I am encountering a problem with the Admin/Write blog entry page that has to do with the various boxes like “Discussion”, “Password” etc., which can be opened and closed. The problem is that, being blind, I have to use a screen reader to access the pages. While this works great in all other places, these boxes give me some trouble. In IE, I don’t see the links to open or close the boxes, with Firefox, I get crashes in FF either as soon as the page loads, or after opening or closing two or three boxes. 🙁
    Is there a way to tell WP to show all boxes opened by default? That way, when using IE, one could at least reach all the controls without any problems. It also might soften the crashing problems with FF for me.

    Thanks for any assistance!


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  • Hi there,
    this is my second attempt at getting help on this. My only goal is to make all of the boxes controls visible by default, not have them hidden like they are now.

    Please, can anybody help?



    Hi there, I have managed to resolve the matter. The clue was to edit wp-includes/js/dbx-key.js and change the default state from “closed” to “open”, AND also delete the cookie that is created for these boxes’ settings. After that, the boxes all show open now, and my problem is solved.


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