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  • I have checked off a number of available USPS shipping methods and in the options set it to “show all available rates and let customers choose”, but it is still only showing the cheapest available method (in this case, it ignores the WooCommerce Services USPS methods like Priority and First Class and falls back on my flat rate setup for Media Mail; I’m not using the built in Media Mail option since it won’t let me print a Media Mail label, so I have to print it via PayPal, which costs me more than the price the WooCommerce Services feature actually charges the customer!).

    I would like to allow users to choose a faster delivery method if they like. Please help me troubleshoot this bug so the option works.

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  • Plugin Contributor Nabeel


    Hi Jeremy,

    To better troubleshoot this, could you provide the following information:
    – The USPS services you have selected
    – The size and weight of one of the items you’re trying to ship
    – The dimensions of any custom packages you may be using


    Yes, for my US shipping zone, I had selected:

    • Media Mail Parcel
    • Priority Mail – Padded Flat Rate Envelope
    • Priority Mail Express – Padded Flat Rate Envelope

    I’ve now deselected Media Mail since it wasn’t allowing me to print the label and it cost me more to print it via PayPal (crazily, I can’t print Media Mail labels via

    The order I wanted to print the Media Mail label for was a book at 1.9 lbs, dimensions of 9.375 x 6.375 x 1.75.

    I’m using a Uline box with inner dimensions I just noticed are incorrect: 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 in. Of course, the box fits the book so that’s not right. I’ve now adjusted that to 9.5 x 6.5 x 2. Might that error have been why it wouldn’t let me print a Media Mail label? How are packages actually attached to a shipping method or order? I don’t understand how that’s supposed to work.

    Thanks for your prompt response!

    Edit – Note: I’m confusing threads. I started another one at the same time earlier today regarding being unable to print the label for Media Mail:

    Plugin Contributor Nabeel


    Hey Jeremy,

    We were having issues with all types of envelopes but this has been resolved. This may have been the reason you weren’t seeing more than result with the service selection above. Can you try this once again and let us know if you still need assistance on this topic?


    It is still not showing all the shipping options I’ve checked off. It is only showing Media Mail, but not Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

    Plugin Contributor Nabeel


    Hey Jeremy,

    I noticed that your items have a height of 2″ and 1.5″. Envelopes are supposed to accommodate item thicknesses up to 0.5″.

    Could that be your problem?

    Possibly. I looked up the dimensions at the USPS site, and it doesn’t provide thickness, only length and width, but it did specify that the envelope is suitable for books. I just assumed that meant it would work.

    Since the flat rate envelopes option isn’t working, do you have any suggestions for other USPS shipping options for books (besides Media Mail)? I’d like to offer an option that would entail faster delivery.

    Plugin Contributor Nabeel


    Flat rate boxes might be an option, but I guess the price is significantly different.

    However, we’ve been looking more closely at flat rate envelopes and have realized our interpretation of what constitutes an envelope was wrong.

    I expect we’ll be supporting thicker items in a flat rate envelope soon. I’ll keep you posted.

    Great, yes, please keep me posted!

    Plugin Contributor Jeff Stieler


    Hi Jeremy (@jrh001),

    Thanks for hanging in there. We’ve just pushed a change to our envelope handling that should resolve this problem.

    There’s nothing to update on your end – please just let us know if this fix works for you!

    Yes, all shipping options are now showing up. Awesome, thanks!

    Great support. Very impressed.

    Marking resolved…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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