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  • Hello,

    I am using Google Page Speed Service on and deactivated W3 Total Cache. But Yoast’s SEO guide ( says W3 Total Cache plugin + CDN will do magic.

    I’m stil not sure about Google’s PSS and whether to use W3 TC plugin again.

    Google’s response was

    “We don’t have experience with the W3 Total Cache plugin but from its description it sounds like it has only a subset of the functionality of PageSpeed Service, so it may be redundant. We’re not aware of any conflict when it is used in combination with PageSpeed Service.”


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  • The WPO category is becoming convoluted. I’m not sure why Google would have the conclusion you noted outside of the fact that there are overlapping features they want you to count on them for. However, nothing optimizes WordPress from the inside out. You have to make a decision for yourself about what your site needs and which W3TC features you need. It’s impossible you need none of it unless you want to do everything manually. Outsourcing your page caching and end user optimization to a third party does not address optimizing your origin server which matters for sites with comments, personalization, e-commerce or other “modern” functionality. Send me an email for more relevant information for your site.

    Sure! We tweeted and exchanged few mails couple of weeks back. I’ll get back to you once again. I’ll setup wordpress on a test domain and will give the authorization. Last time I paused ‘coz I have done a lot of customizations and was afraid to lose any of them as I obsessively did those things.

    Thanks! 🙂


    Google now positively mentions using W3 total cache at the same time as PSS (see their FAQ). They seem to be saying that local caching is a very good thing to use alongside PSS as it will speed up things even more. At the moment I am using wp super cache in conjunction with PSS but I have a deactivated copy of W3 Total cache in place for a rainy day moment to experiment and compare.

    Wow! That’s [] really nice…. In fact I also gave a lot of feedback about the usage of PSS and W3 to PSS team.

    Before I start my experiments with W3 I am going to do try some speed testing with WP super cache and the other 2 plugins I have in place (Use Google Libraries and Autopmiser) alongside PSS as I am sure there is some duplication going on and will deactivate them one at a time to see what actually works. The speed gain I have had since using PSS is remarkable and my site functions perfectly. My question re W3 is that I read on some forum (don’t ask which one..I have lost count) is that WP super cache makes more sense to use on a shared server (Go Daddy in my case) as you are unable to max out the W3 gains. Is this currently accepted? Sorry to be a bit off topic, but you do seem to understand this!

    Well.. I think W3 is more advanced that Super Cache.. I tried both before choosing W3. And yeah, W3 + PSS do magic. Together it saves 90% bandwidth and the page should load < 1 second that otherwise takes 10 sec+.

    And my Google PageSpeed score is 97 now for It was < 80 without PSS or W3. And the score was 99 with no ads now there is a single adsense unit at the top.

    Thanks. Are you on a shared server? I can see what PPS and wp super cache can achieve and I just wander if it makes sense to spend more time fine tuning W3 on a shared server with its inbuilt limitations.

    Mine is a reseller account at HostGator.


    Score is not general. Real time speed – all! =)
    “Test 1 7.778 3.063 No Add-Ons
    Test 2 6.998 8.665 With Autopmise
    Test 3 11.065 3.877 Google Libs plus Autopmise
    Test 4 7.188 3.563 Autopmise, Google Libs + wp sc
    Test 5 2.924 1.191 Autopmise,Google Libs + wp sc (mod)
    Test 6 2.955 1.068 Autopmise + wp sc (mod re)
    Test 7 1.45 1.272 wp super cache only”
    Do you do similar tests?

    No… but it really boosts the page loading time and reduces the requests according to pingdom tools and

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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