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    Hi all,

    Maybe I am using Mailpoet incorrectly and in that case I would love a recommendation for better approach! (I understand methodology is inherent to design and function of all email marketing software, and not all methodologies are the same..)

    Scenario 1: Drip campaign
    A user completes a form to receive a free product by email. I want to send them a series of emails, triggered by their signup to a specific form, over multiple days to share about other features and products we offer.
    BONUS: If they opt in for PRODUCT X they should later receive an update for PRODUCT Y, and vice versa. But there would be no sense sending an email announcing a product they already have. So there’s an intuition needed here that I can’t seem to find in Mailpoet. Perhaps I’m asking for too much?

    Scenario 2: Elementor Pro to build forms
    We want subscribers to opt-in when they sign up to receive specific incentives. The incentive is emailed to them and should trigger a series of follow up emails; the opt-in should add to another list for future emailing.
    We use Elementor Pro form builder, which provides on-submit options that match data with Mailpoet subscriber data. I would like to add a new subscriber to multiple Mailpoet lists, based on which form they submitted (or segment, if Mailpoet segmentation proves useful). I also noticed that neither the Acceptance field in Elementor, nor the Checkbox field – used as a GDPR opt-in, in our case – is functioning, despite being matched to the appropriate Mailpoet GDPR field. We would want this to add the subscriber to a specific list (or segment) for future newsletters, etc.

    In Scenario 1, a welcome email can be set up on a time delay, but there’s no logic or segmentation options. It’s just sent to the same subscriber, regardless of their engagement on prior Welcome emails. In Scenario 2, Elementor Pro doesn’t allow multiple lists to be selected in the dropdown, in the on-submit Mailpoet menu. I also can’t seem to figure out how to connect the Elementor Acceptance to Mailpoet GDPR. And finally, related to Scenario 1, I can’t find any logic to send to parts of lists, or subscribers, based on past engagement. That option only seems to be available for the “Newsletter” email type, not any of the triggered email types.

    This is a lot, I know. I’m happy to break these up into separate, bite-size questions if that’s more appropriate.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi there @entrepositive,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Here are the answers for each scenario you described:

    Scenario 1: As you antetipated, it’s possible to set up drip campaigns with MailPoet by creating multiple Welcome Emails that will be triggered at different days/times. This is described in detail here. You can also send emails based on the product purchased with WooCommerce Automatic Emails. However, I can’t see a way of combining these things out of the box. I’m also afraid that’s not possible to combine segments with drip-campaigns in MailPoet as it’s not possible to set up and send Welcome Emails to Segments. In short, I believe that to achieve what you have in mind a lot of custom code would be required. Or you can check if another solution like AutomateWoo would fit you better.

    Scenario 2: The capabilities of forms built with Elementor Pro would be better addressed by Elementor support team as they are in charge of building the integration with MailPoet. So I’d recommend reaching out to their support directly.

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    Hey Gui,

    Thanks so much for your response and the insight. I will have a look at the resources you shared. I think we’re ultimately looking at a more robust solution in the end, but I still see Mailpoet playing a role in the post notification emails, as well as email design.

    Thanks again Gui,

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