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    Hey, I’m looking for something like this so that only the image from my posts appear in the feed and then the related text has to be read on the site. This is working fine when I add the <!– more –> tag between the image and the text, but then that also truncates the post on the site itself. Should that be happening? If so, then I guess I’m looking for something similar to this plugin which uses a different tag.

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  • Plugin Author Micah Wood


    This is the traditional functionality of the more tag:

    My plugin basically uses the same logic, but also applies it to the WordPress feeds.

    So using the more tag in the way you describe, without my plugin, should truncate your posts and just show the images on your homepage and archive pages. It shouldn’t impact your single blog post view at all. Is using the more tag impacting just the homepage and archive pages? Or is it impacting the single blog post view? Does enabling / disabling my plugin affect anything on the front end of your site?

    What you want can definitely be achieved, but like you said, perhaps it would require a different tag. Perhaps my plugin could provide a <!--feed--> tag that would only impact the WordPress feed and wouldn’t have any other functionality attached to it.

    I should probably allow easy customization of the link text by allowing you to set it like this:

    <!--feed Find out more-->

    Sorry, I had forgotten about this post. This is working fine for me – it only truncates the post on the front page and in the feed. When you visit a single post, you can see all of the post text. Thanks!

    I would just like one customization, with this qualifier: I AM AN IDIOT when it comes to coding.

    I know how to manually change the text in a more tag in an individual post, BUT, when I do that in a post with a custom MORE tag like:

    <!–more Click for MORE Christmas Cheer–>

    It just shows the text “continue reading” in the link in my RSS feed.

    Please pleeeease tell me now to either:

    1. Alter the default more tag text generated by your plugin to be something new of my choosing…OR PREFERABLY…
    2. Alter the plug in so that it uses whatever custom MORE TAG text I have manually entered into each post’s more tag.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Plugin Author Micah Wood



    Thanks for the feedback. I got your email to the same effect. I just sent you an updated copy of the plugin with this feature included. Let me know if it works as expected. If all is well, I will go ahead and update the plugin on the repo so everyone can enjoy.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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