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    I’ve been using Otto’s plugin since he released it to generate my shortlinks. On upgrade to 3.5, it crashed on me. So I tried your plugin.

    It installs perfectly, and works great on new posts. On my test post here
    The shortlink was made, and displays when I call for it

    But I’m not getting any of my existing shortlinks showing up for any previous posts, they come up as:

    I’m using

    <input type='text' value='<?php echo wp_get_shortlink(get_the_ID()); ?>' onclick='this.focus();;' />

    to spit out the shortlink


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  • Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    currently, the YOURLS API doesn’t have a method for simply checking whether a custom URL has already been created or not. So passing all the site links would create URLs for all the ones that don’t have one currently (it would return the existing ones for those that do).

    If you run the function on the individual post, and one already exists, it will return it. I’ll take a look at Otto’s plugin to see if I can add a migration feature.

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    I don’t see the plugin listed under Otto’s available plugins. Can you send me a URL for it so I can test?

    Modified YOURLS Plugin

    I had intended to post the link, my bad!!

    It’s a modified version of:

    Basically the same, minus the twitter stuff. All of my posts have Yourls links assigned, I believe that happened when I installed Otto’s p;lugin (it’s been so long since I set everything up, I forget exactly what happened, and when).

    Appreciate your effort looking into this, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong!

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    just pushed out an update that has a converter on the setting page. check it out and lemme know.

    The button doesn’t seem to do a thing for me?

    The other buttons work… save er.. saves. Restting the post count gives me a load wheel and I get a result. But the convert button just clicks… I don’t get any sort of result from it. No shortlink changes on posts.

    Appreciate your work thus far!

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    hmm, it’s firing on my dev site. are you using Jetpack or something else that may also use the shortlink function? (make sure that the other YOURLS plugin is disabled)

    also, check to see if the old plugin was using yourls_shorturl as the postmeta key for the short URL. that’s what I saw in the code, and that’s what is being converted.

    otherwise, if you wanna shoot me a login, I can look closer.

    I do use jetpack, but have the shortlink business inactive

    No other plugins that should be doing anything with the shortlink function. But I’m gonna try deactivating stuff.

    $short = get_post_meta( $id, 'yourls_shorturl', true );

    looks like the right meta out of my previous plugin – which is definitely inactive

    Yeah, I just deactivated everything and running 2012 theme, still no action on that button – across browsers

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    I’ll need to do some more testing then.

    Much appreciated. I am hopeful that I can use your plugin!!

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    got a post that it isn’t showing up on that I can compare to the working test post?

    Any other post on the site! The test post was made after installing the plugin, and it worked. None of the other posts have converted.

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    hmmm….struggling to find the problem. tested on a few sites, and all are converting the keys properly. any chance you can set me up with a temp admin user so I can debug the back-end to find out why they keys aren’t changing?

    Otto’s plugin just crashed on another site of mine ( so I tried your plugin again on that site. Worked flawlessly. That’s gonna drive me crazy!

    I can get you an account on VoodooPress when I’m at a proper computer, thanks again!

    Plugin Author Andrew Norcross


    awesome. I’m guessing there’s a conflict somewhere else, but I’d wanna debug with all the tools I can to find the culprit. I’m working with Ozh to have my plugin become the ‘official’ one, so I figure this will help others as well. thanks!

    you can use the email address norcross AT

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