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  1. wowfood
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    My apologies, I remembered right after posting what they were. Its a script for something called website defender. HOWEVER i'm now slightly dubious as to what it actually does so i'll be looking it up. Changing title and post content for a new query


    Has anyone used the site website defender? Is it reputable? I'm a little dubious because it requires a script be added to the home directory of your wordpress install.

    Its already there on mine, I intalled it all in a mad panic after getting hacked. Now i'm wondering if its okay to keep or just a phoney thing stealing my info.

  2. Jonas Grumby
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  3. WebsiteDefender
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    Hello there.

    WebsiteDefender is an online security service specifically targetted to securing WordPress installations. It is the first one of its kind, since it has a number of specific custom WordPress security checks.

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  4. nedone
    Posted 3 years ago #

    After I uploaded you wordpress web security plugin and deleted it after deciding that I did not want it any longer, Your company brute forced my computer and atttempted bugs, to remove task bar, control my pagenavi.
    You are the worst you cannot be trusted to leave a customer along after he does not want to use your plugin. You actually use the same information that we customers trust you with and go back and attempt place bugs and worms and corrupt files. It is just mean spirited. You do not own the computer scipt to our hard drives to get so angry that you want to show someone a thing or to about control someones computer.
    This is the very reason that the US is pushing for internet piracty act laws.

    There is a constant track of your 500 visits to my site in 4 days. You are terrible.
    I looked up your ip and you are in germany and you have done this repeatedly all day every day. If someone is concerned all they have to do is a ip lookup, or either you change for the sake of your company.

    After a while ALL internet users will have knowledge of how to find out who is behind the actions and the paths they took to corrupt a computer system. Stop being a spoiled baby and stop your evilness. YES EVIL.

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