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  • flick


    Having seen some new plugins being recommended by plugin authors (particularly the commercial or paid-for plugins) on the Forums recently, I’m starting to wonder what people think about whether plugin authors should declare their ‘interests’ when recommending their own plugins?

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  • mikey1


    Absolutely. Especially if its commercial.

    @mike: Thanks for your input! 😀 I really think so as well!




    the problem with your question is the use of the word ‘should’.

    if a plugin fits a particular need, and its recommended, but it happens to be one that needs to be paid for, whats the purpose of declaring anything.. isnt it up to the user to decide whether or not that want to use the plugin? and whats the responder got to do with that, anyway?

    I understand your underlying point, mind you — I just think its an unreasonable expectation, and it makes more unnecessary work for moderators, were it to be enforced. And well, i dont see the point, in the end.

    Besides, if I reccomend my own plugin, arent I already declaring my own interests? Its mine, I want you to use it. 🙂

    @whooami: Thanks for your input (as well!) 🙂

    I would definitely agree that something like this shouldn’t have to be enforced and become a burden to the moderators. Hopefully it can be encouraged as good practice, even though it may only work some of the time.

    Maybe a disclaimer that is as simple as ‘I am the developer of the plugin’ or ‘this is a commercial plugin’.

    p/s: To elaborate, the main reason I started this thread is after seeing a few people posting commercial plugin recommendations (I’m sure one or two had really good alternative ‘free’ plugins) that were disguised self-advertisements (that sounded dodgy) once one looked a little bit deeper, even though it probably wasn’t obvious to new users.

    Commercial plugins do have a place in the WP community, but as a strong believer of open source/creative commons plugins (and inevitably, free! :p) I think dubious advertising of commercial plugins should really be discouraged on the Forums, to minimise the chance of someone being inadvertently duped into a dodgy purchase.

    p/s2: Any suggestions for an alternative to ‘Should’? 😀




    “could” 🙂 .. but good luck with that, even.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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