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  • Greetings , i have decent knowledge on php javascript etc and i have a dillema which i hope you could answer ,since i dont know WP full capabilities yet

    I need to make a quite large website which will hande a lot of different functions.There will be listings,html graphics , dynamic dashboard , requests to other domains , etc.

    Also the main bulk of the pages will not be static text but php calculated contents depending on the user who is logged in.So almost every page will be full of database queries

    I installed wordpress a couple days ago and the menus etc seem to be quite simplistic.Is there a way to do the things i mentioned above with basic wordpress or do i need a new plugin for every small function?

    And generally my question is , should i even use WordPress for that purpose or it would be better to choose another/no CMS?

    Thank you in advance

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  • I would not suggest WordPress in this situation. It would require a lot of programming and customization.

    Have you any Laravel experience? If so I strongly suggest October CMS. Is is a flat CMS built on PHP, Laravel and Twig.

    Very easy to learn and allows for PHP functions right in the pages.

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