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    I have a site that basically reviews and curates content from around the web on topics related to student life/learning/wellness issues. Our original model was that we were hoping to have traffic come to this site referred by universities, but we’re finding many universities want our content to appear to be coming from them directly rather than linking to us as an external website.

    I’ve never used Multisite before, but I’m wondering if it makes sense to do it this way, to create a multisite whereby each site created for a participating university could fully have it’s own branding. This way, when we add a new post it will add to all of the university sites at once.

    I watched Mika Epstein’s video: about why you shouldn’t use WordPress Multisite, but I wonder if this scenario is an exception, or if there’s a better strategy out there. She raises a good point about duplicate content and SEO as all of the posts would be identical across all of the sites in the Multisite network.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Is Multisite worth exploring further or is there a better way to approach this… Thanks for any insight.

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