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  • I have a client whose home page has 3 choices on it for the type of client you are. Depending on what choice you make on the home page, you will be served different content, probably going to a special directory like,, etc. The theme should look exactly the same (it’s a custom child theme that I’m mid-development at the moment), but the content within the pages is different. What’s the best way to handle this? Is this one WP install, 3 separate WP installs, or Multisite? I’ve never used Multisite before, so any tips if this is the way to go?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Case One: you don’t want Client Type A to see Client Type B’s content under any circumstances. And no Client is both Type A and B.

    To me, that just screams for separate WordPress sites, and, long term, WordPress Multisite is far easier to maintain than 3 separate sites.

    Case Two: you don’t care who sees what, but you want to give each Client Type a separate “view” of your web site.

    That sounds to me like a single WordPress site with /choiceA /choiceB and /choiceC subdirectories (through Permalinks), and a plugin to customize the menus according to which subdirectory is being viewed.

    Thanks jonradio, this is really helpful. It’s definitely Case Two. Do you know any plugins that are good to use for this purpose?


    The first decision you face is whether to use the WordPress Menu mechanism, or to use a Widget, to display the Menus. That decision, in turn, is best made with a strong knowledge of your chosen Theme’s Menu and Widget capabilities.

    Out of that decision comes the answer to whether you are looking for a Conditional Menu plugin, or a Conditional Widget plugin. In theory, your chosen Theme may have one or both of those capabilities. Doubtful, but possible, so worth checking out.

    I also recommend using popular (lots of downloads) plugins that have been updated recently or show as working on a very recent version of WordPress. There may be better searches than “conditional menu” or “conditional widget”, but those would lead you to the following plugins, which I haven’t personally tested.

    Dynamic Widgets –
    Widget Logic –
    WooSidebars –

    We are using Divi, from Elegant Themes. I think we would be looking for a Conditional Menu, not Conditional Widget plugin. I’ll look into these solutions further, and thanks for the great start.



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    Please be aware that as you appear to be using a commercial theme, you will need to seek support from the theme’s developer/vendor. We do not support commercial products here.

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