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  • I’ve decided to open up a Flickr account for my artwork, to spread it around more and get more feedback than I do on my own Blog (I also have a account).

    At first I searched around for a WordPress plugin that uploads images to both the local server and the Flickr server, but existing plugins and the general consensus seem to be that this would be redundant: I could simply link to my Flickr hosted images in my WordPress posts.

    I’d like to know what your thoughts are on this. Is hotlinking to Flickr a good idea? Do you do it? What if the Flickr server goes down? I’d like to know…
    Thank you!

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  • I am also interested in a plugin that downloads Flickr images to the local server. The reason: you have to link back to Flickr if you display content hosted by them. I’d rather just import photos I post to Flickr into WordPress (albeit slimmed down to size) and work with my media on the local server. Haven’t found a way to do it just yet however… still looking!

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