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  • Hi,

    I have a website which has an events diary and a reviews section as a part of it. (Events uses a plugin, reviews is a post type within the theme and separated by categories).

    I’m creating a separate site which I would like to share the content from the existing site, onto the new one. For example, I want the events diary to show on both sites and when someone posts a review post, I want it to show on the new site as well.

    Would a Multisite do this, or seeing as all I’m wanting to do is share content would I be better off doing it another way?

    If you look at the existing site ( you’ll see the homepage blocks for ‘Local News’ and this is the way I want it to be displayed on both sites – maybe if it links to the master site on the new one to drive traffic to the parent site?



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  • Eh. Sharing content is generally a terrible idea. It duplicates where users go (bad experience) and Google penalizes you for it.

    Why do you want these to be separate sites?

    The ‘parent’ site is for a local radio station to the area and the second website is more of a local forum/business directory.

    I was thinking that the forum would have more user interaction and would be a good way to drive traffic onto the radio station’s site for other local content such as news/events.

    We want the two sites to be branded differently (and on a separate domain) and not to use the branding/image of the radio station, but instead to have a similar feel (same theme, different modifications to it) and vibe about the main website to it’s clear that the two sites are related.

    In general, we suggest people use a plugin like to pull in all posts from sub-sites to the main site on the network. It pulls them in as links, so when you click on a link on the main site for an article on a subsite, it redirects you. Would that do?

    That might work. Ideally I’d like for the posts to display as if they’re on the sub-site on the homepage/category pages.

    But for this sort of thing, would seperate installations or multisite be a better option?

    Ideally I’d like for the posts to display as if they’re on the sub-site on the homepage/category pages.

    You mean show the full post on the main site? You really DO NOT want that. You’ll kill your SEO in the most brutal of ways.

    Separate WP installs vs a Multisite is a non factor. It’s pretty much the same thing.

    Noooo! Not the whole post, just the title/excerpt/featured image.

    Right, so that would be EXACTLY what does 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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