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  • Hello,

    I am writing this post because I am in, what seems to be, a bit of a dilemma. I had a third party build my website ( )about 6 months ago. I had some issues with this design company, mostly related to skimping on promises…whats new. None the less, I was handed the final site and left on my own. I am not a programmer and have no experience with WordPress. I was able to stumble through several plugin incorporations and feature upgrades, but am now finding that I am very limited in what I can actually do ( both personally and within the limitations of the pre-built site). I have found a few plugins that seem as if they would enable me the social functions and user interactiveness I desire ( Photosmash Galleries and Alkivia for example) but am cannot activate them b/c of my WP version, and fear of conflicting with current plugins. My site uses Snapshot 1.0 by Wootthemes, it also has what I believe to be alot of custom styling ( color schemes specifically ). It is also good to note that I am having trouble upgrading to 2.8, tried several walkthroughs, but never feel confident with the Deleting and Backing up of files, I dont want to ruin everything.

    **So, here is my question/request for feedback: Is my website salvagable? OR Am I better off trying to build it from scratch utilizing different plugins and using the files already saved on my server?

    I am ultimatly looking to add a social community via the profile function (Alkivia Open plugin) and allow my users to upload their own artwork to the site (Photosmash Galleries Plugin)

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated, you’re the best.

    Contested Art

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    I was handed the final site and left on my own. I am not a programmer and have no experience with WordPress.

    Perhaps you need to look into developing an ongoing, financial, relationship with an individual, or company, who can assist you? Being handed a site and essentially left on your own is perfectly normal & reasonable if you don’t have an ongoing contract with the design company. At the end of the day, you have 2 main courses of action:

    1. Learn how to do things yourself
    2. Pay someone else to do them for you
    3. There is no third option

    Is my website salvagable?

    From a tech’s pov – almost certainly…


    Thanks for your response. I am going to go at it myself…I have been burned a few times already with people I try and contract out for projects.

    As I start to attempt this I know I will need some guidance, can you suggest any good support websites? (besides this one obviously)

    Also, to the best of your knowledge, if I deactivate plugins and install additional ones to replace them, can I still pull info from the old plug in? (ie…I get rid of my profile plugin, avatar, etc and install a larger encompassing social plugin, will I lose all of my Users Personal info)

    Thanks for your time and feedback,


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