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  • I recently updated my blog to wordpress 3.0.1 and its all fine except for the fact I have no more icons or buttons when i go to add a new post. The dashboard of options like bold,color,link,code, etc… is all gone, just replaced with 3 blank images or so.

    The HTML tab works fine, but the Visual editor doesn’t

    How can I fix this?
    I’ve tried reuploading the wp-includes and wp-admin folders several times to no avail

    any ideas?


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  • Sometimes problems like this are due to an issue in the browser. Have you tried clearing the cache? Looking at it in a different browser?

    Ye i have, still no different

    What gets me is I have two blogs on the same host, and I upgraded both with the same wordpress files and ones fine and then the other has the issue above

    I hope this has been resolved by now, but just in case…

    Do the two sites differ in which plugins are installed? Have you tried disabling all the plugins to see if that helps? If so re-enabling them one at a time is the suggested way to go.

    Thankfully it has,

    however not without a fight, i even reverted back to wordpress 3.0 and still it made no difference, disabled all plugins, nothing,

    then i started looking into the code on my dashboard to see where the different elements were coming from, and i then discovered that for some reason my /wp-includes/js folder was pretty much empty, hardly any of the folders had the wordpress files in them. So i re uploaded /wpincludes/js , but for some reason they refused to go on the server, several manual attempts at this and nothing. So then I went and manually made each folder and then uploaded each file individually to it! it took ages but now thankfully all works again

    Bizarre. Thanks for letting us know what finally worked!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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